To celebrate reaching 5 GameWisp subscribers, we’re doing a mega giveaway during this live stream. Tune in for your chance to win!

Starting at 7PM AWST, 7AM EST, 4AM WST and continuing for 24 hours, we will be streaming a variety of games and welcome any and all viewers to play along side us.

We will be starting with some Final Fantasy 14 Online, on a brand new character, followed by some Guild Wars 2, then some RIFT. Plenty of Giveaways including a massive giveaway for meeting our sub goal.

Tip Goals;

$50 – Anime Sailor Fuku for rest of stream
$130 – Chilli Dogs with Habanero hot chilli sauce, home made, and NO MILK for 5 minutes after eating.
$200 – Sing “I’m a little teapot” (loudly, and passionately) wearing the Anime Sailor Fuku in the middle of a crowded shopping center.

Gamewisp Subscriber Giveaway