Let’s recap what we achieved;

Legendary items have a low drop rate, over the course of 4 days I obtained a single legendary, Magnus found over 3 legendaries.
Hard Mode is the most effective way to level up, unfortunately the open beta will see Hard Mode EXP modifiers nerfed from 8x to 6x EXP.

You can craft legendary items, however you need to obtain Gold Kritium Shards, all other regents can be found in Insane Difficulty, but Kritium shards are only obtained from salvage.
-This means you need to find a large number of legendaries for salvaging just to craft a single legendary item.

When in a party with other classes, items relevant to other class members in your party appear to drop more frequently than items relevant to your class on your own character.

In the closed beta, we couldn’t trade items, however this should be available in the Open Beta.

Selling items via NPCs is a waste of time, it’s better to use the auction house, or to salvage the items.

The crafting system is extremely expensive, it takes many salvaged items to create the resources to craft just one item from the smith.

Some bosses can be stunned / CC’d which makes for a very easy Hack-N-Slash fight, however some other bosses cannot be stunned until after they end their ultimate mode making some boss fights extremely difficult, especially when the boss can CC you at range, and every attack from bosses causes you to flinch opening you up to 1-hit combos with a low survival rate.

The game is not open world, this is very disappointing as it would be so wonderful to be able to explore maps, see sights, and more.

There’s no real professions system, however it appears they will be adding fishing as an NPC relevant to fishing does exist.

There is no ragdoll system, this means that your character will always look the same unless you use costumes. This sadly means you cannot show off your legendary items to friends.

Legendary items have no special attribute or ability. Traditionally in RPG style games, legendary items gave you a special unique effect / attribute that aids you in some way.

There is no “real” life gain in the game. Excluding one ability for VAMP Reapers, no other abilities exist to gain you life in the fighting classes, this makes solo survival very difficult.

Using BLOOD GAIN / DRAIN abilities on destructible objects gains you blood… Last time I checked inanimate objects don’t have blood, and aren’t alive… Please explain?