Truth or Dare for Subscribers

The age-old game of Truth or Dare, right up there with spin the bottle, and playing doctor… We all know the way this works, but nonetheless I’ll lay it out;

Every Subscriber can play Truth or Dare each month.

Here’s how it works…

Truth) You ask me a question, and I have to answer it truthfully! I cannot lie and if I am exposed for lying, you can flog me with a dead fish.
Dare) You can dare me to do anything (excluding things against the Twitch ToS which means sexual, overly suggestive, and violence are prohibited), this could be push ups, putting a pie in my face, or even to dress as a sailor and sing in the super market. Dares will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube after the stream IF the dare has any AFK elements.

I’m looking forward to playing this awesome classic game with you guys, let’s see how crazy things get!

Truth or Dare is also available as a perk in the stream store where you can redeem perks for points, simply type !items while on stream for a full list of items available, and a link on how to redeem.