Yo What’s up guys! It’s ya Girl Koko.

When I posed the suggestion we do a stream swear jar to punish me for swearing while on stream, (because I’m a sadistic fuck…) you all ate it up, cheered and yelled for the idea!

Well, I’m happy to say, it’s now official… We have a stream swear jar. I will put in 50 Cents for each swear word I use that’s labeled on the jar (list below)

However I didn’t want to just do nothing with the money… Once we fill the jar, I want to donate the money to one of the following charities;

  • Amnesty International
  • Cancer Foundation
  • Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital

As these are all amazing causes, I just can’t seem to decide, so I want you guys to make the choice for me! Cast your vote now via twitter: https://twitter.com/100pctpurekoko/status/868473187993960453

To show the gratitude of our amazing community, I will personally make the donation in person to the chosen charity and record it as a vLog.

Full list of swear words;

Fuck, shit, cunt, cuck, cock, dick, slut, nigger, and bitch.

Any words not on this list are not really classified as swear words in Australia and therefore are not included. Each time I swear I will hold up the jar, and put the money in it. We will also have a counter for number of times I’ve sworn.

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